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Cosmetic Dentistry

The field of cosmetic dentistry emphasizes the integration of both art and science to deliver aesthetically pleasing smiles through safe, successful procedures. This may include the brightening of the teeth, correction of minor imperfections, or various personalizations to alter the gum tissue or tooth shape. Whatever you envision when imagining your dream smile, our Fountain Hills, AZ team can make it happen! 

The key factor involved in ensuring your satisfaction is allowing you to lead the way. Our team members ask questions, provide recommendations, and truly listen to your interests and preferences to personalize your cosmetic treatment. Overall, we want you to feel confident – confident in our ability to bring out the best in your smile. 

Call today and schedule one of our cosmetic procedures! Together, let’s build a smile that you’re proud to show off.


Dental bonding is a procedure commonly utilized to correct minor imperfections in the teeth; this may include small chips, cracks, or gaps within the smile. Using composite resin – the same material used for dental fillings – we apply the tooth-colored material to the problem area and shape it to appear natural and blend seamlessly into your tooth. 

When well cared for, bonding can last up to eight years before needing to be reapplied.

Teeth Whitening

Staining and discoloration can occur due to a number of factors; this includes consuming certain foods and drinks, using tobacco products, or taking certain medications. Discoloration can even develop as a result of aging or genetics! While it seems that these issues are seemingly unavoidable, we do have a solution to address them.

Our in-office whitening procedure easily lifts staining and brightens your teeth by penetrating the tooth enamel and dissolving the surface pigmentation. Hydrogen peroxide is the primary component of our formula. Once applied to your teeth, the bleaching effect is activated under a special light that allows the product to work rapidly. In fact, you can expect your smile’s shade to be lifted up to eight shades in just one quick visit!


Dental veneers are custom-made porcelain shells designed to attach to the front surface of your teeth and customize their shape, size, and shade to your particular preferences. At about the thickness of a fingernail, veneers are perfectly engineered to conceal imperfections in your natural smile while laying seamlessly against your teeth – appearing entirely natural. Veneers are capable of concealing stains, chips, cracks, and gaps; they can also make teeth appear longer if you have excessive gum tissue!

It’s important to note that in order to apply veneers, a thin layer of your tooth enamel must be removed. This is to ensure the veneers lay perfectly against your teeth and do not appear bulky or irritate the gum tissue. Once enamel is removed, however, it will not grow back. Veneers must be replaced at least every 15 years to ensure the vulnerable natural tooth remains protected.

Ridge Augmentation

Ridge augmentation is a procedure commonly performed following a tooth extraction. The process involves the reconstruction of your dental ridge using both bone and tissue grafts. This is provided in order to fill in the empty space left behind once your tooth has been extracted. Not only does this benefit the appearance of your dental arch, but it also ensures a more favorable condition for the placement of dental implants in the future.

Gum Lifts

Gum lifts are cosmetic procedures that aim to reshape the soft tissue framing your teeth to produce a more appealing smile. This treatment may be recommended if you have excessive gum tissue and would like your teeth to appear longer or if your gum tissue is uneven and you desire a more uniform gum line. 

Recovery duration will depend on the amount of gum tissue that has been reshaped and removed, as well as on following post-procedure instructions. This includes the following recommendations:

  • Avoid spicy or crunchy foods for at least two weeks after your gum lift.
  • Brush your teeth gently and rinse your mouth with warm water to dislodge food particles.
  • Utilize over-the-counter pain medication to address any pain or swelling.
  • Contact our office if you have any questions or concerns throughout the recovery process.

Discover Your Smile’s Potential

Our practice believes in the collaboration between providers and patients to achieve the best results. Only then can we be truly confident that we are meeting our patient’s expectations! 

By choosing our team, you can know without a doubt that we will uphold our promise to unveil your best smile. It is our mission, as well as our passion, to work with you and make your vision a reality. We look forward to helping you achieve the perfect smile. Call today to get started!

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